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Brandy's Nightmare Part One (Revised)

2023-01-23 00:01:49

If you are upset by incest, rape and sexual abuse/exploitation please do not read it. I don’t condone any of the crimes the villains commit in this story. In my opinion rapists and human traffickers are the lowest of the low and should all get very long prison sentences. Also, I’d love to hear your feedback, what you like and what you don’t like. I plan of writing at least one more part, Brandy’s story isn’t over yet.
Brandy was on the sofa watching TV, enjoying the cool air inside the trailer. It was a typical humid summer night in East Tennessee but the little air conditioner did its job well and they could at least be comfortable, even if the show was stupid. Something about two guys traveling around and paying big bucks for junk no sane person would want. Her dad was in his chair as usual, the remote in one hand and a Mountain Dew on the table beside him.

“Brandy, come over here and suck my cock.” He said, as if it were as normal as asking her to get him a drink.

Her dad had been handsome once, with thick brown hair and muscles from working construction, but now he was middle aged and though still trim was all flab from junk food and a less physically demanding job. His hair had thinned and grey showed even through the dye. She kept her eyes fixed on the tv screen a long moment before getting up sluggishly and walking to where her father sat. It would be easier to suck him off than to listen to his bitching, or get hit again.

Brandy knelt between her dad’s legs and lowered his zipper. Her fingers were slim and knew from long practice what to do. She unbuttoned his jeans and tugged them down, bringing his briefs down as well.

“Almost fifty and still wearing tighty whities.” She thought with an internal grimace. Her dad’s cock was half hard, and he had showered a few hours ago. He was decently hung, probably 6 inches, but not very thick. Brandy curled her soft, slender fingers around him and pumped her father’s cock, getting him harder before she leaned forward and wrapped her lips around his shaft, right under the head. Her tongue licked across the head and she head her dad groan and then he shifted in his seat, sliding down so she could suck him deeper. Brandy looked up at her father with big blue eyes, but his head was reclined and his eyes were closed as he focused on the pleasure she was giving him. She bobbed her head, slowly at first but increasing her speed at a steady pace. Her father’s cock slid over her tongue and she worked the underside, just like she would for a boyfriend. Her cheeks drew inward as she sucked lightly. Brandy still looked up at him, enjoying pleasing her father on some level she couldn’t quite understand. It hurt that he wouldn’t look at her, and she couldn’t understand why it should. Emotionally she was always detached when she sucked her dad or he fucked her, but his cold and distant attitude still stung.

His hand went to the back of her head. Brandy had pulled her blonde hair in a loose ponytail earlier and now her father grasped in like a handle. He groaned louder and his hips began to buck. “You suck Daddy’s cock good you fuckin’ slut.” He grunted out as he pressed her head up and down roughly. Brandy closed her eyes and leaned forward more. Her father kept up the fake porn movie talk as he forced her head down and drug her up by the hair. She didn’t want him to look at her and she didn’t want to watch his face as he used her mouth like she had been paid for. She knew deep down this was abuse but really had no clue how to react. She focused on getting him to cum, knowing that it wouldn’t be long. Finally she felt him spurting in her mouth, and she swallowed mechanically. He held her head down, his fingers hurting her scalp, but she simply knelt and waited for her father to release his grip. He did after a long while, and she stood up quickly. Brandy looked down at the man in the chair. He had just used her mouth but did he truly feel anything for her? His eyes blinked open and her gave her a cocky grin. “Let me see your little titties.” He said playfully. Nonchalantly Brandy lifted her tank top, she rarely bothered to wear a bra because she was a small B cup and didn’t really need the support. Bored and angry, she lowered her shirt and sat on the sofa once more. She drank from an open can of Dr. Pepper, it was getting flat and warm but it washed the taste out of her mouth.

Her father stood long enough to pull his jeans up and get a bag of chips from the kitchen. They watched tv in silence until Brandy began to nod off. Her father was asleep in his recliner, snoring as the tv flickered in the dark room. If she changed the channel he’d just be pissed when he woke up. His sleep patterns were erratic and Brandy never knew if he would be out 20 minutes, a few hours or all damn night.

She walked down the hallway of the single wide trailer and went into her bedroom. She stripped off her yoga shorts, took her hair down and got into bed in her panties and tank top, pulling the covers past her thin shoulders. The sheets were chilly from the ac unit and felt good on her skin. Brandy tossed and turned onto her side. What she had just done was bothering her> Truth be told her entire life was bothering her but she didn’t have the education to articulate it. Brandy had never been one of the smart kids in school, she was a slow reader and had a hard time understanding what she read. Socially it was a different story. While she had failed academically, Brandy had been one of the most popular girls in junior high and high school. She was short and petite, her face pixie-like and beautiful with sad, light blue eyes and a quick smile. She had discovered young that sex could make her even more popular, and a part of her liked making other girls jealous. Now she was eighteen and still lived at home with her father, her mother had left years ago, wanting more than a cheating husband and a rickety single wide in a broke ass hick town. Brandy didn’t blame her mother one bit for leaving but hated the woman for leaving her behind when she was just six years old. She yawned and closed her eyes, and before long she was asleep.
It was Friday and her dad still hadn’t come home from work. He was almost always home by this time, and Brandy felt a sense of unease. Her father had been acting odd lately, staring at her and wanting sex more than he had in year. He had always watched porn in the living room, but his taste had changed from Barely Legal, skinny Asian girls with white men, and blondes with huge tits to interracial scenes that all featured white teenage girls, most of them blonde and petite, with huge black men. The girls were treated rough, getting smacked, choked and fucked hard. Brandy had left the room a few times, it had made her very uncomfortable.

Light through the windows drug Brandy’s attention away from the show she was watching. It was the headlights from her dad’s truck, she heard the familiar crunching of tires on the gravel. He had probably met one of his buddies to buy a couple roxies or a suboxone strip and sat around bull-shitting. Brandy watched thought the window as a second set of headlights shone from behind her dad’s truck. She couldn’t tell what kind of vehicle it was but looked like a newer model SUV. Brandy’s first thought was he had picked up some dumb skank, but she saw two people get out of the SUV, both were too tall and broad to be women. Great. She stood and went to her room, shut the door and flicked off the lights. Hearing three stoned rednecks bragging about killing deer and fucking girls wasn’t Brandy’s idea of a good night. If she was lucky they would go out back and build a bonfire. The door opened and she heard voices but couldn’t understand what they were saying. After a few moments her father yelled her name at the top of his lungs. He had a high pitched voice that was razor sharp when he yelled. Even with walls between them she flinched at the sound. When he called her name again she got up and walked hesitantly to the living room.

Her father stood there, but instead of two of his hunting buddies two tall black men were there. One was broader than the other, and was wearing a white tank top and gold chains. His arms and chest look like he lived at the gym. His head was shaved and might have been handsome with another facial expression, the one he wore now was somewhere between murderous and horny. Brandy stopped in her tracks. The other man was leaner but still muscular, younger, with shoulder length dreadlocks and tattoos on his lighter brown skin. He had on a basketball jersey and grinned at her wickedly as she stood there meekly. Brandy wished she was wearing something more than a tight tank top and yoga pants. She didn’t meet the men’s eyes. From somewhere deep in her psyche, the submissiveness that had always been there came forth. Her heart pounded in her chest and her breath came short and quick. She was like a beautiful doe in a hunter’s sights, nervous and unmoving. “Something is wrong, but if I am very silent and very still, they won’t hurt me.” Though she lacked the vocabulary to state the feeling in words, Brandy felt this on a subconscious level, and obeyed her instincts.

“Brandy, me and Andre made a deal. A deal that made me a lot of money, and you ain’t going to fuck it up for me. You’re going to do everything he says, Hell its things you would be doing anyway.”

Brandy looked at her father quizzically. “Daddy, I don’t understand.”

She was surprised how even her voice was because she knew what he meant, even if she was still pretending she didn’t. She was shaking inside. The bigger man walked toward her and she flinched back. He caught her upper arm in a vice grip, his huge fingers dug into her pale skin.

“Owwww!” she moaned.

When Andre spoke, his voice was deep and powerful. “Where is the bedroom?” He asked.

“At the end of the hall.” Her father answered. There was a bit of nerves in his voice.

“Daddy please!” Brandy called as the huge man pulled her down the narrow hallway. She looked over her shoulder, the thinner man was following and her dad was behind him.

Andre opened the door and turned on the light. Brandy always hated her dad’s room. The bed was huge and very nice, she had slept on the same bed since she was ten years old. His walls were covered with framed posters of muscle cars with women in bikinis either bent over or laying on them. She noticed the huge Confederate flag had been taken down recently, the bare spot it left was immediately noticeable. Everything in the room was sleazy, from the plum colored silk sheets to the red shade on the bedside lamp. Andre shoved her toward the bed and she turned to look at him. He was at least six foot. Brandy weighed 102lbs, and she guessed than Andre was at least 280lbs, all of it muscle. She looked at him defiantly.

“Strip.” he said. It wasn’t a request.

Her heart pounded harder, there was no escape. The hallway was blocked and the windows were all closed. If one had been open, in her panic she maybe could have gotten through the narrow opening and put some distance between the men and herself, but there was no hope of that now.

“Just do it Brandy.” Her father said.

There was annoyance in his voice, as if she were a willful child and he was the exasperated parent. In his mind, maybe that was what this was. Without warning Andre took a step forward and raised his massive hand. It collided with the side of Brandy’s face, rocking her entire body. Tears welled in her eyes and for a moment her knees were wobbly. She clutched her face and looked up slowly. In a flurry of movement Andre grabbed her by the neckline of her tank top and was pushing her back toward the bed. Panic driven adrenaline surged through Brandy then and she lashed out, kicking and scratching harder than a girl her size should have been capable of. Her fear fueled screams sounded wild, feral. Her father and the other man were shaken by the sound and stepped back. Despite her thrashing and fighting, Andre was still a mountain of a man and didn’t lose his nerve easily. He pressed the skinny girl to the bed and slapped her face again, harder this time. She went limp and moaned. Brandy felt huge, hard finger cruelly wrap around her throat and squeeze. She couldn’t breathe and her arms and legs seemed unable to move, the adrenaline had left her burnt out and her muscled burned like she had just finished exercising. She felt her top being torn away, her pale skin and small breasts exposed. She gagged and choked from lack of air and felt the hand move away. Now her thin yoga pants were being stripped down, along with her panties. Gasping for air, Brandy still tried to twist her hips to cover herself but didn’t resist when firm hands rolled her back and splayed her legs wide.

“Damn, look and that pussy. Nice and smooth too.” It was the thinner man. He ran long, rough fingers over her pink lips.

“Yeah Trey.” They bigger man said with satisfaction in his voice.

Brandy looked up at the two men, they were going to rape her, hurt her. How far would it go? How could her father watch this happen? She knew he kept a pistol somewhere in his room, why didn’t he help her?

Andre was undressing, muscles rippled under his dark skin. His chest was massive and sculpted, waxed to show off every detail. He tossed his tank top aside and stripped down to his brightly colored boxers, the yellow and red stripes contrasting against his skin. When he pulled down his boxers Brandy gasped. His cock was enormous, bigger than she really thought possible on a man, despite having saw huge cocks in porno movies since she was young. Andre’s cock was already hard, thicker than her forearm and almost as long. He grinned cruelly, much how a wolf might before sinking its teeth into something small and helpless.

“That’s 11 inches bitch. Ever had something that big in your little white cunt?”

Brandy tried to back up, but fear held her in place. Trey was undressing now as well. His torso and arms were covered in tattoos, strange sayings and symbols that she had never saw before. His cock was huge as well, longer than Andre’s and almost as thick. Andre grabbed her ankle and pulled her ass to the edge of the bed, then pulled her into a sitting position by her hair. Both men’s huge dark cocks were in her face now. “You’d better start sucking, white girl.” Andre growled. His hand was on the back of her head, forcing her slowly forward. Brandy was trembling inside, she had never been this scared before. She didn’t think of herself as racist but would never willingly be with a black man. This was the rural South and old taboos died hard.

She stretched her mouth open as wide as she could, the massive piece of meat barely fit. Brandy flicked her tongue across the head and she kissed the tip of Andre’s manhood lovingly. She cupped his smooth balls with one hand and twisted gently as her lips worked the head. She sucked and bobbed her head back and forth, unable to take more than a few inches in her mouth. Andre’s strong hand kept her in place and after a few minutes she felt Trey put her free hand on his cock. She curled her fingers around him and began to stroke him as he swelled. Brandy worked on instinct, not thinking about what she was doing, just doing it. The meekness that came natural to her had taken over and guided her actions. She was just there to please these strong men, if she let them use her they wouldn’t hurt her.

“But they are hurting you.” A tiny naggling voice said. She quickly silenced it. She began to twist her hand as she jerked Trey’s cock. He was fully hard now and throbbing. Andre’s hand pushed her head down further, forcing more of the huge cock into her mouth. Her jaw stretched painfully and she hit the uttermost limit of what she could take. He pulled away and Trey stepped in his place. Younger and cockier, Trey jammed his cock into her mouth, hurting her. He tried to force more inside the small mouth than she could possibly take and Brandy tried to pull away. Trey laughed, a high pitched giggle that was almost demonic. He held her in place and grinned. “Don’t try to get away baby, suck it.” Tray said and laughed again. Brandy tried her best but was in pain. She was too petite to be expected to take their massive cocks, but they expected her to. Finally Trey pulled out of her mouth, Brandy leaned forward and drooled the foul taste out of her mouth and tried to breath.

“This little bitch can’t suck cock for shit.” Trey said angrily.

He slapped her face, the same side that Andre had struck earlier. Brandy yipped and tried to cover her face with her thin arms. He struck her again in disgust. Then Andre pushed her back and was spreading her legs. Her eyes grew wide, Brandy knew what was coming and tried to twist away but Andre was too strong and his weight was on top of her. He held her thighs, his massive hands gripping her painfully. His thick black cock pushed against her delicate pink pussy lips, parting them as he forced his way in. Brandy clawed at the sheets and tears welled in her eyes.

“Please stop! Please no, don’t!” She begged and pleaded as the fat dick opened her up.

She had never felt anything like it. Brandy had been filled by a cock before, but nothing like this, he was stretching her and the pain was almost unbearable. Tears ran down her cheeks and she tried to twist her hips, but was being held in place. Andre almost had his entire 11 inches buried in her when he pulled out slowly and started to thrust. He grunted like a bull in pleasure. Brandy screamed. She had done things sexually when she didn’t want too, mostly with her father or uncle, and she had done things just to keep a boy interested or make another girl jealous, but this was rape, this was pain, this was violation. Andre lunged into her now, every thrust hurt more than the last and she thought she felt a trickle of blood but couldn’t be sure. Despite it all she was wet, wetter than she had been in a long time. Even though there was no physical pleasure in this, mentally Brandy knew that this was a woman’s place, her place, and it made her wet despite the pain. The thrust came rougher now, Andre’s hand wrapped around her throat but didn’t squeeze this time. He bucked into her pussy too deep, Brandy quivered in pain. The second time she flinched. His cock was bumping her cervix brutally. She screamed again and Andre arched his back to go even deeper. Brandy twisted her head to the side and saw her father, he was nude from the waist down and jerking his cock, his knees bent and his mouth open in a groan. Andre was going faster, his cock shooting thick, potent seed deep inside Brandy’s unprotected pussy. He pulled away from her after a moment and looked down at the tiny eighteen year old in disgust.

Brandy didn’t move until Trey put his hands on her narrow hips. He rolled her over, onto her belly. Brandy knew he wanted her in doggy-style, the sight of her father enjoying her rape and pain had taken away her will to resist. At this point she just wanted it over with. She got into the familiar position but Trey forced her face to the mattress.

“Keep that fucking head down bitch. What you thinking?” he snarled.

His fingers dug into Brandy’s narrow hips as he climbed onto the bed behind her. As painful as Andre had been, Trey was worse. He rammed his cock inside her, purposefully causing her pain. Brandy screamed and cried into the bedding as the psychotic bastard pumped his hips wildly. His demonic giggle brought goosebumps up her spine as he raped her. Brandy’s pussy was stretched and sore, but Trey found new ways of making her hurt. He didn’t fuck her smoothly, but forced his cock inside her at an angle. It ensured Brandy’s tight cunt would be sore for days afterward.

Trey slapped her ass as he fucked her, and held her ass cheeks apart. Brandy hoped that they would be happy with her mouth and pussy, she didn’t know how she could take such massive cocks in her ass, even with lube. The insistent pressure against her cervix was making Brandy sweat and groan. She writhed in the grip of her rapist, and he laughed.

“The bitch likes it.” He told his compatriots.

Trey slipped his thumb inside her tight asshole, and Brandy leaned forward. She had only given her ass to a few men, and rarely at that. Brandy pushed back and felt Trey batter her womb once again, but it made him moan and speed up his thrusting. Soon he was grunting and his cock was pulsing inside her pussy as he filled her with a gobs of thick seed. When Trey pulled out thick strings of cum trailed from his cock to Brandy’s cunt.

It was a relief to not have a cock inside her. Brandy trembled in fear, but lay on the bed. The ache inside her pussy would go away now. The girl was stunned by the violence, the pain. She didn’t move or speak.

“God-DAMN that was hot, better than any porn movie!” Her father was grinning. He was dressed once again now that the show was over. The two black men grinned evilly as well.

“You’re some kind of fucked up, man.” Trey said shaking his head.

Her father didn’t really know how to respond, so he stayed quiet. Andre laughed, loudly. Light reflected on his gold chains. Trey’s fist lashed out quick and caught Brandy’s dad on the side of the head. He crumpled to his knees and Andre kicked him in the stomach.

“NO! Don’t!” Brandy shouted and began crying again.

Trey and Andre pummeled the smaller man until he stopped moving. He gave a low groan. Trey grabbed Brandy by the arm.

Get up bitch, and get dressed.” He pulled the shaking girl up roughly.

She looked at her father, he was breathing but very shallowly.

“Please let me help him.” She begged.

Trey pulled her down the hall while Andre stooped and went through her father’s wallet. She saw him take a huge roll of bills before Trey pulled her out of sight. Trey shoved Brandy into her bedroom.

“Get some clothes on and hurry the fuck up.”

His voice quavered, the violence seemed to have made Trey nervous.

Brandy trembled as she dressed. She pulled on panties and jeans, dug out a seldom wore bra and put it on. She threw on a loose t shirt and her old sneakers. She was certain they were going to kill her. They were going to take her somewhere and dump her body in the woods where no one would find it. Andre loomed in the doorway, he had a pistol in his hand and a hard look in his eye.

“You’re coming with us little girl. If you scream for help or try to run away, I’ll shoot you and I’ll shoot anyone who comes to help you, got it?”

“Please I won’t tell the cops, I won’t tell anyone, I promise. Just leave me alone, please.” Brandy begged, her voice shook as bad as her abused body.

“Shut the fuck up bitch. All I want to hear out of you is ‘Yes sir’ and ‘No sir’. Got it?” Andre growled.

“Yes sir.” Brandy whispered meekly.

Trey grabbed her by the arm again and pulled her out of her bedroom, thru the living room and out the door. She followed with her head hung, eyes down. Trey shoved her into the backseat of the SUV and sat next to her, his hand on her thigh. Andre drove, backing out of the gravel drive and onto the paved road. The only home Brandy had ever know grew smaller and smaller as Andre sped up. He turned right at the intersection and she lost sight of the single wide. She didn’t know if her father was dead or alive, she hoped he was alive even though he had brought this on both of them. He was a flawed man, hooked on painkillers and pornography, he had shown her very little affection that wasn’t sexual, but he had paid the bills and kept food on the table with no help since she was six. He had been angered when he found out her uncle had molested her, but afterwards he began to view her sexually as well and had went further than her uncle ever had. Brandy was still silent as the minutes passed slowly. Gradually she began to realize they were headed toward Knoxville. She had been there a few times, mostly when she was in high school. It was a huge city, and was overwhelming at first. She knew there was a lot of black people there, and there were gang shootings on the news. She didn’t know anyone there, and only knew a few areas. She would be totally lost and alone, at the mercy of two brutal men. Her heart sank and tears ran down her face as the miles rolled past.


“Brandy! Get in here now!” Marcus’ voice boomed from the den.

Brandy stood and limped slightly as she walked from the bed to the door. The dark haired Russian girl gave her a look of sympathy, but Brandy knew the girl was glad it was her being called this time. Brandy was always glad when they chose Sveta over her. Her pussy was sore inside, it hurt when she walked or went to the bathroom. She was in a thin pair of panties and a white tank top. She needed clean clothes but was showered and shaved all over. The den was across the hall from her and Sveta’s room. She straightened up, trying to show as little pain in her movements as possible. Trey stood at the door, a pistol in his waistband. When he smiled at her, Brandy saw his eyes were red. What she wouldn’t give for a huge joint right now. He opened the door and she went thru. Brandy was very aware of how tiny she was around these men.

As large as Andre was, Marcus was bigger. He was over forty, kept his hair cropped close, and wore a thin goatee. He looked like a sitcom character, maybe a favorite uncle to the star of the show. If this was tv he would be flashy but worldly wise, tough but kind. In reality any kindness in Marcus had died long ago. He enjoyed hurting people, girls especially. He viewed people as either tools or commodities, and if that meant selling other human beings or killing them, it was just business to Marcus.

Beside him was Vlad. Brandy was sure that wasn’t his real name, who would name their kid Vlad? She thought she had heard that was Dracula’s real name at one point. He DID look like Dracula, if the Count had decided to take massive quantities of steroids and joined the WWE instead of the ranks of the undead. He was dressed in his black suit, with his black hair slicked back. His hairline even had the widow’s peak, and it reminded Brandy of a cartoon vampire she had watched as a kid. He was brown skinned, and had a thick goatee as black as his hair. He spoke with an accent that Brandy had been told was Russian, and she supposed that sounded right. Vlad loomed over her like the spectre of doom, Marcus sat on the sofa. The giant Russian looked her over a brief moment and moved toward her. With hands the size of hams he pulled her shirt up and off. Brandy wiggled her hips and her panties slid down her thin legs and to the floor. The monster hauled her to a cluttered desk and bent her over it, belly down. Brandy braced herself as she heard him undressing. When his fingers gripped her hips she gave an involuntary whimper. After Andre and Trey had raped her, Brandy thought she knew pain. That was until Vlad.

Vlad gave a guttural laugh and slowly pushed his massive cock inside Brandy’s abused cunt. She felt herself tense, it was impossible not to. It was agony already. Tears ran down her cheeks and her beautiful face contorted in agony. Brandy shut her eyes and clenched her teeth. Vlad thrust deeper into her and she cried out. Behind her the huge Russian gave a satisfied grunt and began to pound into her. Brandy tried to brace her slender body but there was no use, no way to lessen the pain of this cruelty. She whimpered and shouted in agony when the pain was too intense to bear silently. Vlad grasped her thin wrists and pinned her arms behind her back, one of his titan hands able to hold both her wrists tightly. Brandy endured the pain, endured the violation, because there was nothing else she could do.

She felt her mind beginning to break, it was more than submission now, it was a darkness that had started small but grew a little more each day. With every act of cruelty, every time she wanted to beg her captors for mercy but held her tongue, every time she prayed they would pick Sveta instead of her, the darkness grew, soon it would consume her and she would give her body to this life, this abuse. She would begin to enjoy it, or even go mad and be a raving gibbering thing given over to the basest desires. Brandy twisted under the weight and thrusting, she was sobbing openly now. It seemed a long time before Vlad came inside her. His big hand released her wrists and he pulled out of her pussy. Her muscles trembled, fear had become second nature to Brandy over the two weeks since she had been taken by Andre and Trey. She lay there until she was confident her legs could hold her before she stood. Once again she hung her head, eyes on the floor. Meekness had kept them from beating her. She recalled the defiant girl who had been brought in a week ago, and the terrible things that Vlad and Marcus had done to her. In the end her defiance had only brought her blood, and Brandy could still hear her screaming and begging sometimes before she slept. Meekness had kept her and Sveta alive, raped, barely fed, abused beyond the limits of sanity at times, but alive.

“Can I go?’ She whispered.

Marcus hooked his thumb toward the door and barely looked at her. She scooped her panties and shirt from the floor and walked on shaky legs to the door. Trey let her out and he swatted her ass hard as she limped back to the room where she and Sveta were kept. It was lightless aside from a bare bulb in the ceiling and adjacent bath, the windows were boarded shut to keep them from escaping. Sveta gave her a concerned look as Brandy crossed the room to her bed. It was small, a kid’s bed, uncomfortable and dirty. There were dark stains that might have been blood and some that definitely were cum. Brandy didn’t bother to dress, she lay in her side, back to the door and the other girl and pulled her knees to her small chest.

She didn’t cry, she was deep in thought. About the past, about how evil people can be. She had never been a good person, and in truth had never tried to be. She had been young when her uncle first molested her, and if she was truthful she had liked it sometimes, and other times she had just let him do what he wanted without really resisting. She had lost her virginity a few years later. A rich girl had moved on a boy she liked, and she thought that letting him fuck her would put that snooty little bitch in her place, and it had. Part of her felt like she deserved this, this was the punishment she got for a casual attitude about sex, for using her body to get what she wanted and to play games with people. Another part of her felt it was just shitty luck and her dad’s addictions, not some kind of karmic episode.

Sveta climbed into bed and hugged Brandy tight. The girl was pretty, but spoke no English. Brandy wished they could talk, maybe they could come up with a plan but she didn’t think so. Sveta was more than meek, more than submissive, she was resigned to her fate. She would die in this life, Brandy could see it in her eyes. Would she end up like that? Broken and hopeless, waiting for the day one of the men she was sold to ended her life?