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Discovering My Daughter_(1)

2023-01-21 01:33:12

My name is Ron i live with my daughter Emma , Emma's mother died when Emma was young ive done my best to

raise her but of coarse her mother could never be replaced.

Emma and i became really close so close we did everything together when Emma reached the age of 16

i started to notice how attractive she has

become as she develops into a woman its just like looking at a younger version of my late wife it was uncanny

i just cant help imagining her naked so for the last couple of nights ive been watching her go to the bathroom

and get dressed and even jerked of to the thought of me doing things to her i got so overly fond of her.

A couple of months later she had a boyfriend and of coarse being at her age she was legal for sex yet so i made

sure when her boyfriend came over they left the door open but i secretly wanted them to fuck and imagine me being

in her boyfriends place.

The next day i made a plan while Emma was at school i hid a camera in her room and when they got home i told them

im going to the store to get some groceries thinking to myself that should give them about an hour to do something

sexual so i told them to be on their best behaviour as i went out i kissed Emma goodbye and walked out.


I came home to find Emma and her boyfriend on their bed watching a movie i stuck my head in the room to announce

my arrival.

Later that night as Emma was in the shower i snuck into her room to get the camera i stopped the camera and

scrolled through to a random point in the video just to spoil myself and i came across a paused image of

Emma naked under the covers with her boyfriend's head between her legs this made my cock jump in my pants

as i got more excited.

Once Emma went to bed i went straight upstairs to my bedroom lock the door and strip naked and grabbed the camera

ive been looking forward to this all night i fast forwarded through some footage of them talking and stopped in the

middle of them making out the audio was a bit muffled but i picked up on Emma's boyfriend asking if shes ready

Emma looked very nervous perhaps this is her first time the video went on to show her boyfriend unwrap the covers

to show his 4 inch cock not very big for somebody thats 18 i saw Emma shakingly grasp his cock with her hand

bobbing it up and down watching it grow harder in her hands i saw her take a deep breath and in a flash took his whole

cock in her mouth in a way id say thats impressive for a 15 year old to deep throat a whole cock but considering that

cock of his is tiny as fuck its not really an achievement, she knew how to suck dick watching her lips lock around

shaft real tight as her mouth went up and down i could just hear the gulping noises it was just a start and my cock was

already hard as a rock her boyfriend began to cup her tits and pull them towards him drawing her lips from his cock and

moving her on to his face , in this angle i could only see her ass sadly i cant see what her pussy looks like she began

to grind her pussy on his face she moaned real loud im surprised the neighbours weren't complaining i then noticed an

interesting detail i noticed her boyfriend gulping like he was drinking something and saw a stream of liquid dribble down

his chin now after seeing that particular thing it was either she squirted hard or she was peeing in his mouth either way

i was so fucking horny i played on while at the same time slowly tugging on my cock i watched Emma climb of his face

her boyfriend mentioned to her that it was her turn this continued to puzzle me does this mean he is gonna do something with his pee?

i watched on with excitement her boyfriend rolled on top of her and parted her legs and guided his cock to her

drenched pussy it went in like a knife through butter Emma's head turned towards the camera as he continued to fuck

her this was the most perfect angle having my daughters facial expressions of being fucked aimed right in front of me

i could see the fear the pain the pleasure coming across her face as i see her getting fucked and her tits flopping

up and down her boyfriend then ripped out of her and positioned his cock at her face and shot ropes after ropes of cum

all over her face and glasses and lips at that moment when he blew i shot out a massive load it was so powerful it caused

my body to shake and send cum as far as my collar bones thats how turned on i was seeing my daughter getting fucked

Another hot thing i noticed my daughter didint bother to wipe her face she just layed their and took it like she didint care i

didint know if i should be concerned that she didint want it but just did it to keep her man happy or it was just her attitude

either way my cock was still rock hard and ready to pump out more loads i fast forwarded a bit more cause all they did was

sit there and pretty much watch his cock deflate , after a few skips later more movement began i could hear muffled

talking the only words i could make out was "lets just get this over and done with" spoke my naked daughter there

was a look of forced shyness her boyfriend rose up and aimed his cock at her lips she shakingly opened her mouth

next minute a stream of pee began to fill up Emma' mouth it caught her of guard she spat and coughed as soon as

the strong bitter taste hit her tongue more pee sprayed her now closed mouth coating her lips in the golden liquid

i knew for sure she wasn't enjoy this she went to open her mouth again and let another stream of pee fill her mouth

she moved his dick away to close her mouth and swallowed down the warm liquid with a struggle i could see the pee

dripping out of the corners of her mouth she went to swallow another mouthful but without warning her boyfriend

pushed her mouth over the tip of his cock and let out the rest of the full stream of pee straight down her throat i

could actually see her gulping down his pee i never really had a taste for this pee play stuff but it made me cum a

second time unfortunately that was the only highlight of the tape and just went to normal cuddles and movies.

i went to sleep with the image of my daughter being fucked hard and drinking pee i dont know how many times

i must have jerked of during the night i felt so infinite but it wasn't enough i want to fuck my little girl i want to

use her and wreck her pussy make her my little cum slut i have to.

The next morning was a Saturday so i had the whole day with Emma i made her her favourite breakfast

choc chip pancakes and a caramel latte , Emma came downstairs with a smile on her face seeing her

favourite breakfast giving me a kiss on the cheek my cock twitched in my pants knowing where her

lips have been and whats been on them i decided to talk about her boyfriend asking them how they

are getting along she wasn't very enthusiastic with talking about her boyfriend i knew i had to get in

deeper i went out on a limb and asked her if hes forcing her into anything she just looked at me and

gave me a weird shook as she sipped her latte.

I gave her something id like to call the dad eyes its a look that never fails me my daughter looks up at

me with those innocent glass covered eyes finally admitting what has happened i leaned forward in my

chair to hear more she explained to me that her boyfriend is very experimental and is always up for trying

new things even if it is weird and gross i questioned her asking if she liked doing these things and to my

surprise she said she does and found it very exciting but dosent feel comfortable doing it with her current

boyfriend explaining that he tells his friends everything they do and his friends tell their friends and make

a bad name for her i suggested that she has somebody on the side to try these things with that she trusts

more than her boyfriend again surprising me more she agrees i could feel myself being more excited i

asked her is there is anyone that turns her on enough that she trusts again she looks down into her cup

nervously i decided to go out on a dare and suggest myself witch i did Emma's eyes widened looking me up

and down not saying a word just looking down at her cup i noticed her biting her lower lip and crossing her

legs i asked her if she was ok again more silence i noticed her left leg was twitching i moved closer to her

i could hear her breathe louder i moved my hand slowly under the table her eyes followed my hand she knew

where it was going but she wasn't showing any form of resistance my hand tiptoed along her knee up to her

weist and tucked a finger in her sweat pants and noticed she wasn't wearing panties so her bare pussy was

exposed straight away i moved further-er down her slit and swabbed my finger along her pussy i saw the

expression of pleasure cross her face as i stroked her up and down i looked into her eyes telling her how

wet she was i asked her was having her daddy say sexual things to her making her wet "yes" she whispered

I tucked my finger inside her and caught her by surprised she looked down and began breathing heavily and

bucking her hips to the rhythm of my finger wriggling inside her something came over her as her pussy

got wetter at my touch she moved down and pulled my boxers down to spring free my fully erect cock and

took the head of my cock in her mouth and took my cock half way in her mouth up and down slowly her mouth

was so warm after drinking that latte it added to the pleasure of the warmness from her mouth on my cock it

didint take long for me to cum the slow sucks of my daughters mouth around my cock and i could feel the cum

splash from my cock into her mouth i couldn't hear any swallowing but i could see her cheeks inflate as more and

more cum packs into her mouth once my load came to an end i just looked at my daughter all chubby cheeked

and cum seeping out the corners of her mouth she looked into my eyes and began to swallow my cum from her

cheeks little bits at a time it must of been to much for her she started coughing and what was left of my cum ran

all over her her cleavage soaking through her shirt she looked up at me with those big blue eyes i knew she tried

her best and i was proud of her i took her into the bathroom to wash all my cum of her shirt and face.

I rubbed a wash cloth all over my daughters body rubbing over her tits and pussy i just couldn't take my attention

of her pussy it was so small pink and juicy i just had to taste it i rammed my tongue into her pussy catching Emma

of guard she arched back in ecstasy as my tongue fucked her little hole i caught her clit in between my thumb and

forefinger surprising her even more making her scream she pushed her hands towards the back of my head into her

drenching pussy forcing me to eat her out more deeply i moved my free hand around her ass and parted her ass

cheeks and started rubbing her ass hole giving her pleasure in 2 holes at once Emma's face clenched up and her

pussy tensed up and blew out a wave of pussy juice all over my face Emma immediately jumped on me and started

licking my her squirt of my face even swiping her tongue around the corners of my mouth catching every drop of

girl juice she could find all i could hear her saying was " i love the taste of my cum" she kept dipping her fingers

in her pussy and sucking her fingers it was making me hard just watching her lick all her girl cum of her fingers

in the most sensual way possible it was forcing my cock to rise in my pants i knew what i wanted but after seeing

her tight pussy taking her boyfriends small penis she looked like she was struggling to handle it mines almost

twice the size its gonna split her in half but my horniness defeated my worryness when i drew my eyes back

to my daughter tasting herself i threw myself on her began to make-out with her lips tasting the warm juices

of her pussy on her lips i moved the head of my cock along her wet slit and pushed against her opening gently

with the head of my cock in doing this it made Emma jumped in surprise she looked down and saw my cock

attempting to penetrate her the head itself was bigger than her opening it was like trying to push a golf ball

into a balloon each time i pushed she shuddered in pain she told me its not going to fit she withdrew my

attempted hard cock and layed me down i thought this was where she drew the line but she got on all fours

in front of my cock and moved closer and took a deep breath and took my cock all the way down her throat

i could hear wet squelching noises as Emma began to gag letting loose more saliva on my cock she then

jumped over the top of me and sat down on my cock not taking and pauses just plopped right on top taking

the entire cock inside her the wetness of her saliva provided more than enough lubrication for her.

Emma was sitting on my cock for a bit over a minute not saying a word just sitting their her eyes closed

puffing hard she pressed her hands on my chest and began to swivel around on my cock still taking deep

breaths as my cock moves inside her i gently grabbed her ass cheeks massaging them helping her through

her pleasurable pain i gently raised her ass and body taking a few inches out of her and raming it gently

back in i went slightly harder with each small thrust as it went harder and deeper her nails began to dig

into my chest the slow riding got more intense Emma decided to take over gripping me harder and started

bouncing up and down like riding a pogo stick her moans were louder than ever i got a great view of her

tight drenched pussy sliding up and down on my cock it was shiny from her pussy juices drisseled with a

few specks of blood i knew she wasn't a virgin and definitely wasn't on her period so i guess my large cock

must of stretched her a bit should be proud or should i be concerned i thought but my train of thought

was greatly interrupted as Emma's moans got more faster her breathing became heavier her pussy tightened

around my cock her next orgasm was well on her way in 1 2 3 her pussy seeped out a fresh coat of cum

all over my cock that didint stop her she kept going she brought me closer bopping the lower half of her

body on my cock my orgasm was approaching i warned Emma im gonna cum any minute now she wouldn't

move i tried to hold back but her constant bucking of her body was to much i let out a powerful stream of

cum deep inside her pussy Emma's eyes widened at the warm feeling of my cum darting inside her pussy

blast after blast after blast came out of me nobody has ever made me cum this much in my life not even

her mother.

Emma climbed of me i watched as my cum began to ooze out of her running down her thighs she caught

a swab of cum and licked it up while giving me a shy but cheeky grin "since when could you do things like

that" i asked again Emma went back to being shy "my boyfriend modified me" she replied staring down to

the floor modified? i thought , Emma led me to her bedroom and pulling out a piece of paper i read and it

had a list of things that her boyfriend set out for her to learn some of the things on here were out of this

world i asked her how she felt about this list she told me she was all for it she thinks its fun and kind of

hot to explore every inch of the sexual world but she wasn't keen on exploring with her boyfriend , Emma

was never really one to show romantic emotions she was always to herself and never really had any

boyfriends before her current one so i guess i can see where she is coming from i asked her why she

dosent like doing these things with her boyfriend "i enjoyed sneaking things with him we use to ditch

class sometimes or wait till your asleep or out of the house but now he tells people and its created a

bad name for me around school he is treated like a god while im known as the weird toilet girl" Emma

explained i warned her the first thing that came to my mind was to spank her for sneaking around and

kick her boyfriends ass for shaming you all over the school and probably the whole town , Emma sighed

and bent over exposing her ass to me "im not really gonna hit you" i implied but Emma said she enjoyed

a spank now and then but she also warned me it will make her horny again i lightly sprayed my hand across

her ass i got no sound out of her i increased my strength Emma let out a little moan i continued spanking

her watching her boobs rock forward as my ass smacked her ass making her ass jiggle "you can fuck me

again if you want" Emma offered.

I made a deal with my daughter i fuck her hard and then we deal with her boyfriend she happily agreed with

it i made good on my deal i bent her over and rammed my cock inside her fucking her hard slapping her

ass as i thrusted inside her this time i pulled out and drenched her red ass in my warm cum , she already

had most of her best body parts covered in cum so i might as well add her ass to the collection.

The next day Emma met up with her boyfriend outside the house to break up with him i watched from the

corner of the window as the event unfolded i could hear him calling her words like slut and bitch , these

i could ignore but then he went to the next level and threatened to tell everybody how much of a sick whore

she is this i could not ignore i burst out of the house grabbing him by the shirt threatening him to keep his

mouth shut or i will make life hard for him then for the hell of it i took my right foot and kicked him right in

the middle of the nuts.

I grabbed my daughters hand and led her back into the house leaving her now ex boyfriend lying on the

front porch clenching his nuts "he wont be rooting anyone for a while" i chuckled.

Emma and i spent the rest of the night cuddling and watching movies completely naked i made her an

offer to finish this list with her and promise it will stay between us and id never hurt her , Emma pulled

out the list and handed to me and asked "where do we start"...

thanks for reading part 2 goes into deep scatology and public play cant wait to share my sick vision with you all