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Eddie ,Betty, June Chapter 3 plus Mrs Cunningham & Mrs Walton

2022-10-19 00:21:13

Eddie Haskell had gone over to his friends Ritchie Cunningham to play some basketball , but when he found he wasnt there , Rich's mom Marian had invited him for milk & cookies . That was 10 minutes ago & the 55 yr old married redhead was already on her knees sucking on Eddie's monster dink . Marion was an expert cocksucker , cuz she had practiced a lot on Fonzie , her boarder , who rented the attic upstairs , Howard her husband had always been a cuckold & loved watching her suck & fuck Fonzie & even watched her 20year old son Ritchie get sucked & fucked by his mom . Marion though realized that Eddie was at least 3 inches longer than Fonzie ( the biggest prick she had sucked til today .) Choking on the the monster prick , Eddie hiked up Marion's dress & pulled her granny panties to the side & fucked Mrs Cunningham like a jackhammer , exhausted Marion lay spreadeagled on her living room floor while Eddie jizzed all over her face & then Marion received something brand new ,a golden shower. Covered in Eddie's urine , Eddie ordered the old slag to clean up the man champagne with a mop before Howard saw what a a slut his wife really was.

Chapter 1

Betty Haskell & her neighbour Olivia Walton were each sharing Eddie's cock & balls back & forth they went , Olivia was a full blown whore she & hubby John had 6 kids & two of her sons , were really dominant Both Ben & Jason always expected Olivia expected her to give them head whenever they expected & at least once or twice a week , she'd be dp'd fully in cunt & ass . Eddie though was something else , Betty was so lucky he wang was huge . As Mrs Walton got facefucked , Betty gave her son/ master a rimming . Licking ass had become her speciality , as they switched positions , Olivia realized that this was the first time she was licking man ass , she liked it though , it tasted like steak . As Betty made her son's dick hard , Eddie put Olivia on top of his doggystyle & fisted both cunts , before he got lube & fingered their assholes , Olivia took the huge prick up her butt first & screamed in pain & pleasure followed by Betty who was gaped & loving experiencing the anal onslaught that her son/master gave her many times before . .Once they both received anal creampies , Eddie sprayed their faces in with a urine stream . Stinking of man champagne , Olivia never had been so humiliated but because she had been hypnotized by her new Master Eddie , she thanked him for her first golden shower . Eddie smiled as he watched his mom/ slave Betty & Olivia Walton share their first french -piss -kiss

Chapter 2

June Cleaver had big tits , both the ladies were sucking on them dyke style. Marion had been Eddie's sexslave now for 2 wks , & 30yr old Fonzie nor Ritchie had fucked her since , June's breast tasted delicious she thought , as did her pussy . Eddie had brought June over last week & Marion had licked her pussy while her cuckold husband Howard watched Marion was then fucked in the ass , while June gave Eddie a rimjob .Afterwards Marion's face was covered in jism & Howard took a picture & framed it beside the bed so both Marion & he would now that Marion loved her husband , but lusted after & obeyed Master Eddie.

Olivia was sucking on June's other tit , last week Eddie had come by her place & pissed down her throat , her cuckold hubby put this on his cellphone . After Eddie had relieved himself & used her as his human toilet , they took a water shower together and he phoned June Cleaver to come over for a threesome . It was the first time in her life , but Master Eddie decided to collar & leash the 52 yr old mother , she also wore spiked heels . Olivia had eaten cunt in college , but Eddie had her lick June's fat asshole instead ( 1st time for everything she smirked ) as she ate June's ass , Eddie shoved in his dong up Olivia's wet pussy as she moaned in private delicious ecstasy . Once Eddie gave her pussy creampie , June ate her pussy & Olivia had a second orgasm . Both ladies followed Eddie into the bathroom & Master Eddie ordered Olivia to get on her knees , before he had June give Olivia her first ever femdom golden shower. A few minutes later Master Eddie did the same & Olivia was covered in both male & female piss. One more humiliating thing Olivia was made to do she called her cuckold hubby & John Walton opened the door & he saw his wife of many years yellow with piss, she looked at him & yelled as ordered, get the mop you fuckin wimp & clean this mess. John did just that , as June, Olivia & Eddie took a water shower & headed to the master suite where they'd continue fucking.

Chapter 3

Betty Haskell & June Cleaver were wearing bikinis & 5inch heels sitting near the pool , smoking a joint each & discussing the weeks sexapades. Betty laughed " i walked by Eddie's room the other day & he was ass fisting his newest cumslut Marion Cunningham . She was gaping , much like i did the first time Master Eddie did that to me " That's nothing June remarked , when you were away the other day , Eddie called me over & i stuck the thick end of a wine bottle up Olivia Walton's cunt." "Wow that is something "remarked Betty , I wonder what your son/master has in store for all of us next asked Mrs June Cleaver ???