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The First Weekend in August (Part 2): Scott and Susie and Carl and Cathy and One Motel Room

2022-10-21 00:40:55

“Okay,” Carl said, slipping back into the car and shaking the water off his body like a dog. “Do you want the good news or the bad news?”

“The good news,” I said. “And stop getting us all wet.”

“That's what you get for making me run out. Well, the good news is they're not filled up. The bad news is, they only have one room. The good news is, it has two king beds. And the bad news is, I think they're charging us special 'torrential rainstorm and every other motel in the area is booked' rates.”

“I say let's go for it,” my wife Susan said. “It's getting late, and if we wait we'll end up spending the night in the car.”

We all agreed, and this time it was my turn to dash into the lobby and check us in. Then we drove around to the front of our room and ran inside like maniacs, but were all still soaked by the time we made it inside.

Scott went into the bathroom and came back with four towels, and we dried ourselves as best we could.

What a disaster this night had been so far: we'd been looking forward to going to this concert with Cathy and Carl for weeks (Cathy is Susan's sister and Carl's her husband, and we're a lot closer with them than we are with any other couple), but halfway there, the rain started. Streets began to flood, we ended up taking a detour, we almost skidding off the road once, the concert was canceled after all that, and now we were stranded 60 miles from home with both the weather and the roads getting increasingly bad. So yeah, we weren't going to turn down any clean, dry place to stay.

Once we were as dry as we going to get, Susie and I sitting on the edge of one bed and Cathy and Carl on the other, Carl said “Okay, are we going to address the elephant in the room?”

“I guess the world won't end if we slept in our underwear,” I said. “It's not as if haven't been to the beach together a dozen times.”

“Sleeping in our clothing isn't an option,” Susan agreed. “Everybody's clothing is soaked.”

“Um,” Cathy said softly, “I'm not wearing a bra.”

Without intending to, my eyes shot over to her chest, to see whether I could see through her shirt. No such luck, she was wearing a thick, black t-shirt with the band logo on it, but she noticed what I was doing and crossed her arms over her chest. “Sorry,” I said, having managed to offend my wife, my sister-in-law and her husband with a single glance.

“I'm wearing my shirt to bed,” Cathy insisted.

Susan slapped me on the side of the head. Hey, if I hadn't looked at her, would that really have made anything different?

“You're not wearing your shirt to bed,” Carl said. “You'll be miserable. Listen, you'll get undressed under the blanket. Nobody will see anything. And this way I can hang up your shirt so it'll be dry in the morning.”

I hadn't thought about that, hanging up our clothing to let it dry. I figured we'd all just slip out of our clothing and slip under the blankets.

I decided it would be my penance to go first. I took a pair of hangers from the closet, stripped off my shirt and hung it, then stepped out of my jeans and hung them. I wear both boxers and briefs, and fortunately I'd chosen boxers this morning.

By the time I'd turned back around, Cathy had slipped off her shirt and Carl, stripped down to his own boxers, was coming over to hang his clothing and hers. “You're no gentleman,” Susie scolded me with a grin a moment after, getting out from under the blanket and walking to the hangers in her bra and panties.

Since I was already up, she could have stayed under the blanket and just tossed me her clothing, rather than walking across the room half naked in front of our friends, but she'd chosen not to.

Carl didn't even pretend not to stare.

Susie was the last back in bed, so she shut out the light and crawled in beside me. With the storm raging outside, and no moon tonight, the room was pitch-dark. There was a nightlight next to the door to the bathroom, but that only gave off enough light to let guests know which direction to walk if nature called in the middle of the night.

We said our good nights, then there was quiet for a couple of minutes, then some whispering from the other bed, then I heard Cathy giggle, then I heard rather than saw her get out of bed just a few feet from our bed. “Hey, Scott,” she said, “you were trying to see my tits before, well here they are, right in front of you!” She giggled again, and scampered back into her own bed.

“Funny,” I said. “I dare you to try that in the morning. Ow!” I said as my wife slapped me on the side of my head again. “Too much hitting tonight.”

“To much obsession over my sister's tits.”

Quietly, so Carl and Cathy wouldn't hear, she unfastened her own bra and dropped it to the side of the bed, then made sure she was covered with the blanket up to her next, and pushed her body against mine, nestling my hardening cock between her legs. “Is this going to keep you from sleeping?” he whispered.

I wrapped my arm around her, resting my hand on her breast. “Probably, but it's worth it. Though next time let's get stranded somewhere with separate rooms, okay?”

“It's a deal.”

Oddly enough, I fell right asleep. Just as well, since the temptation to push Susie's panties to the size and fuck the hell out of her was powerfully strong.

But now I was up. I sensed that I'd slept three or four hours. The rain was still coming down hard outside, and maybe it was the sound of the rain that sent a signal to my subconscious that I should wake up and piss.

I followed the nightlight toward the bathroom, and I was just reaching for the doorknob when the door opened. I put up my hands to keep from walking into whoever it was coming out.

And ended up grabbing Cathy's tits. “Uh...” I said.


“I didn't hear any--”

“I was just getting a glass of water. Scott, you can take your hands off them now.”

“Sorry. I was just surprised.”

She brushed her hand against my cock as she walked past me, back to her bed. “Yeah, you feel surprised.

Let's just skip over how difficult it was for me to piss with a rock-hard cock.

I got back into bed behind Susie, pressed my body against hers, and let my cock slide between her legs. It had been there earlier tonight, of course, but now it was fully hard and desperately needed relief. My sister-in-law had stroked it, for god's sake! Yeah, it was just one light, quick brush of her hand, but still... And as I closed my hand around my wife's breast, I could still remember the feel of Cathy's.

I pushed forward slowly, letting my cock brush against Susie's pussy. Through my boxers and her panties, of course, but it still felt good.

And it was making me crazier.

I pushed into her panties again, more urgently this time.

I reached into my boxers and freed my cock, then began rutting against her pussy. If she managed to stay asleep through all this, she was going to wake up with her panties covered in dried cum, and that was fine with me: I just desperately needed to get off.

“Mmmm,” she said, slowly waking up and remembering where she was. “That's-- Scott, no, Cathy and Carl are right there.”

“We'll be quiet,” I said, pushing the crotch of her panties to the side. “Please. I have to put my cock inside of you.”

She put her hand on mine to remove it from her panties, then froze. “Shhh,” said whispered. “Listen.”

Cathy and Carl's bed was creaking softly – but more significantly, we could hear... it was sort of a slurping noise. Holy shit, Cathy was sucking Carl's cock, not twenty feet from us.

My hand was still on Susie's crotch, and I gently stroked her pussy as we listened. Though it was still too dark to see a thing, knowing what they were doing was –- Cathy let out a soft moan, muffled because she had a cock in her mouth, and we knew what had to be happening: Carl was eating her pussy.

They were both naked and 69'ing in the next bed.

“Okay,” Susie said softly, “you're going to get your fuck after all.” She pulled back the blanket, and slipped out of her panties. I removed my boxers at the same time, because I knew what she was going to do... her favorite sexual position.

She straddled me and then very carefully, because we could barely see one another, lowered her wet pussy onto my cock.

“I love having your hard cock deep inside me,” she said. Not only didn't she care that Cathy and Carl could hear her, she seemed to be enjoying the fact.

“Your pussy's so hot and wet,” I told her, as much for Cathy and Carl's benefit as for hers.

Hearing me say this turned Susie on even more, and she made that growling sound I hadn't heard in a while and ground her pussy down onto my cock even harder. In the other bed, I could hear Cathy cum, even as she kept sucking Carl's cock.

Susie was bouncing up on down on me as if possessed. I could tell she'd had a couple of small orgasms already, and was working herself up to “the big one.”

Oh god,” Carl shouted, “suck harder, like that, suck out all my cum, aaaargh...” We could hear Cathy continuing to suck him, and swallowing down his cum.

I was sure I was about to cum even harder than Carl had, when suddenly, with a boom that shook the room, two bolts of lightning came down a moment or two apart, lighting up the room for a couple of seconds as if a dozen lights had been suddenly turned on, illuminating my naked wife, who was straddling my cock, about to thrust herself down onto it again.

She froze, then screamed – not out of sexual pleasure, but embarrassment, as she saw Cathy and Carl looking at her – and threw herself under the blanket.

Of course it was pitch-black by the time she did that (and in fact we were all even blinder than before, having just had the sudden light flashed before our eyes). “I've never been so embarrassed in my life,” Susie said.

There was silence in the room for a few seconds, then Cathy said. “You should finish. You can't leave Scott like that.”

“I can't. I can't believe you both saw me like that.”

“It was sexy as hell,” Cathy said. “And now it's dark again.”

“I can't,” Susie said again.

“If you don't finish Scott off, I will,” Cathy said.

“Bullshit you will.”

I could hear Cathy getting out of her bed, and walking toward ours. “You know I don't bullshit, little sister. And Carl's not going to be any good to me for a while.”

“Hey!” Carl said.

“That's only because I sucked you dry, dear. What do you say, Suze... should I suck Scott instead of fucking him? It's up to you.”

My instinct was to say “Hey, shouldn't I get to choose?”, but I figured the smart move right now would be to shut up.

Cathy climbed onto the bed. My naked sister-in-law was actually close enough for me to touch.

(And don't think I wasn't tempted)

She was close enough that even in the dark, I could see her a bit, and I have to confess I was praying for some lightning.

“Last chance,” she said to Susie.

“You're acting so weird tonight I think you'd actually do it,” Susie said. “Get back to your own bed: I’m taking care of Scott.”

“No way. I'm already here. I want to watch.”

Whatever!,” Susie said, trying to sound exasperated; but to me, she sounded turned on. “Let's try it like this,” she said to me, getting on her knees and turning her back (her ass, actually) to me. “I don't want to get sore.”

I got up on my own knees, grabbed Susie's hips, and slid my cock into her very wet pussy.

Or so I thought: In the dark, I accidentally penetrated Cathy instead – she was right next to Susie, after all – and she didn't say a word or make a move to stop me... I only realized my mistake when I heard her shout “Scott, I'm cumming, oh my god...”

… okay, that part just happened in my mind – but the fantasy make my cock even harder, and Susie actually gasped as my cock pushed deep inside her. She hadn't done that in a while.

I was fucking Susie wildly, loudly (I felt sorry for whoever was in the next room, and hoped they were getting off on listening to us), and suddenly I felt a hand – Cathy's – on my back. Touching me very gently as I fucked her sister, Cathy slowly moved her hand down to my waist, to my ass, and finally rested one finger on my anus, holding it in place as I thrusted. She teased the hole, threatening to slip her finger inside.

I took one hand off of Susie's hip, reached to the side, and found one of Cathy's breasts. I lightly pinched the nipple between my thumb and forefinger. In response she tightened her grip on my ass, inserting her finger just the slightest bit, and I came harder than I had in years.

A minute later Susie and I both dropped down to the bed on our backs, trying to catch our breaths, and Cathy scampered back to her own bed. “That was hot,” she said to Carl. “Maybe next time they'll let me do more than just watch.”

“You're a crazy woman,” he said. “I can't believe they let you even watch.”

“I can see you like the idea of me joining them, though,” she said teasingly, and a few seconds later I heard Carl say “That feels nice...” His hard cock was obviously being pleasured by either her hand or her mouth or her pussy, but I never found out which because a few seconds later I was asleep.

The Next Morning

We all woke up at the same time, about a quarter after 8, because some jerk right outside our window in the motel parking lot was honking his horn. We were all naked, lying on top of the blankets. I was spooning Susie, and Cathy was resting her head on Carl's chest.

I think we all freaked for just a moment when we realized we were all naked in front of one another; but then we realized, well, we were all naked, so it wasn't any big deal. Or in any case, what was done was done.

My right arm was wrapped around Susie and my right hand was already close to her left breast – so I began to lightly stroke it.

Carl casually moved a hand to one of Cathy's breasts as well.

“So tell me Carl,” I said. “Just wondering, When Cathy was threatening to fuck me last night, would you have actually let her?”

Let me?” Cathy said. “Carl doesn't let me do anything, thank you very much. If I wanted to fuck you, I'd like to see him try to stop me.”

“Who said I'd even try?” Carl asked her. “Maybe if you did, Scott would let me fuck Susie. Ow!” he said, as Cathy smacked him.

“Give him one for me too,” Susie told her sister.

And that was the last any of us mentioned it, and of course we were all just kidding around. And after a little more lying around and a bit more tit-fondling, we gathered up our now-dry clothing and got dressed.

But we all knew the thought had been planted in each of our heads...