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When I Became A Woman, by Cassy Lee

2022-06-29 00:00:04

When I Became A Woman, by Cassy Lee

Hi, Diary. Like, I’m only just thirteen last month, and I hope you don’t think I’m naughty or anything, but I am real honest. I got my period last year. This is an incredible time in my life, so I will write a diary so that years from now, I’ll remember everything. Mommy said it would be a good thing to do, like she did when she was a kid like me. And she PROMISED not to try to read it!!!!!
I couldn’t believe that was happening to me, even though Mommy said it was gonna happen soon. Boy, was she right! She’s always right! I love her so much. I spotted first on March 14 and that scared me so much I told Mommy, and she said honey, it’s normal, you’re becoming a woman. She told me what to do, and she said she’d tell Daddy that I was becoming a woman. I freaked and said NO! DON’T TELL ANYONE!! And she said he should know so he doesn’t accidentally embarrass me, and so he can know you’re growing up into a real woman, honey.
Actually, I felt so proud, Diary. I was finally growing up. FINALLY!
But now I’ve wasted enough time, dear Diary. I need to get on to the meat of my story, and boy, do I mean the MEAT! (That’s a pun, dear Diary!!!!) I have to tell you all how Daddy and Mommy helped me become a woman. Just listen to me, okay?

Daddy has always been my hero (and Mommy, too!!). He’s so handsome, so kind to Mommy. I heard her once call him “my handsome stud”, and I didn’t know what that meant until last year -- I’m thirteen years old now, “well on my way to full womanhood”, Mommy says. Of course, Daddy said that I was a Woman now. It’s getting mixed up in my mind, Diary, but Mommy said it, too, so I don’t know why she didn’t think about that when she had to repeat it to me. Golly!
Okay, Diary, I know you wanta hear what size my boobs are, how big Daddy’s dick is, what Mommy did, and all that crap. Okay, okay! Just relax! Let’s just say this is “Chapter One”, okay? Hey, remember I’m only thirteen years old! I’ve only had eight periods and I’m still getting used to putting a tampon inside me every thirty days! And Daddy and Mommy and me have only been having sex for six months now! Geez!

I promise I will tell you all the details, my Diary Friend. I so want to remember all this forever! I hope when I grow really old and start popping out kids of my own, I can help my girls become a woman just like Daddy and Mommy taught me, and I can teach my boys to learn to be a Daddy as good as mine. Oh, I love him so! I have the best parents in the world! Alright, Diary, here goes. I guess I’ve stalled off as long as I can, and it’s time to just, like, come out with it.
Mommy said she and Daddy both calculated my next period carefully and that it was a safe time for them to teach me how to be a Woman. Diary, notice I capitalized that! I was a baby for so long, and then I was a Girl, and now the two people I love most in the world said they’re gonna teach me how to be a Woman! Wow!
I said to Mommy, “What does that mean, a ‘safe time’ … and ‘to be a woman’?”
She knew I was smart, and I’m one of those nosy kids who always ask ‘why?’ She said, “Let’s call Daddy in, too, he’ll help us with these questions, honey.” Okay, Diary, I really wanted Daddy to be there, too. He’s so smart – even smarter than me, and I love him so! Really! He’s handsome and strong and always knows the right things to say! OMG! And I know Mommy loves him. I’ve watched them kiss and hug for several years now – geez, I’m so old! Dear Diary, you can’t imagine how happy I was when Mommy said she was going to teach me to be a Woman and that Daddy was going to help us!!!! This is the biggest thing in my life since the sixth-grade graduation party!

Okay, now here it goes, Diary. Mommy and Daddy said it would take three days for me to become a real Woman. Three days!!! Like, forever, right? But I was ready. Gee whiz, I’ve been having my period since March, and now it was time and Mommy was ready to teach me the really big stuff! Oh my god! Dear Diary, listen to me now. When Daddy and I sat on the couch watching TV, sometimes I could “feel” his warmth so close to me. Sometimes with Mommy sitting on the other side – me squashed in the middle – it seemed like I was feeling heat or something from both of them just washing over me. Honestly! I know how stupid and crazy that sounds….but it’s true! I wish I could write poetry like we have to read in English Lit, but it would be N-A-U-G-H-T-Y!!!!!!!
I remember exactly how it happened, and since I want to be a writer someday, I want to write all this down. Wait – I suppose I ought to describe myself to you, Diary, since I’m just thirteen years old. I am 5’1” tall, kinda thin, but I was the first one in my class to start sprouting boobs. I was a hit in gym class and in the showers. All the girls were watching me, even though I pretended not to notice them staring at my bumps. Okay, I admit it – when I washed myself after gym class with all the girls in the shower, I DID take extra time soaping my bumps. I DID take extra time pinching and squeezing my nipples because it started to feel good. And really, Diary, I didn’t care one bit if the other girls in the shower were seeing me do that or not. Oh, crap. Okay, I DID care. I wanted them to see me pinch my nipples and bumps. They were puffing out more than THEIRS’ were, hah!
And then one evening Mommy said that it was time that she and Daddy were going to teach me how to be a Woman. Dear Diary, I could’ve died!!!!!!!
Well, the three days were scheduled to start on a Tuesday. I guess they picked that time because of when my period was supposed to start again, but I didn’t know that then. I was just so glad when Mommy told me. When I came home from school at four o’clock and she was there, she said, “Honey, tonight Daddy and I are going to start our three days of teaching you to become a Woman.” I was speechless. Cripes, Diary, remember I’m only in seventh grade. The first one in my class to get boobs – real boobs. And looking back on it all now, I’d never even masturbated yet. I was such a dork. I thought playing with my bumps was as hot as you could get.

Okay, I’ve stalled enough on this, Diary. Here goes. The First Evening.
After Tuesday night supper we watched TV for an hour. I sat on the floor while Mommy and Daddy sat on the couch. She asked him at one point if he wanted some popcorn and he said no, honey. He asked her a little later if she was ‘prepared’, and she said yes. Diary, I turned around then to look at them, and they were hugging and kissing. I thought, gosh, that would be so neat, to kiss someone you really love like my Mommy and Daddy. And then Mommy said, “Honey, go upstairs and pull down the covers on Daddy’s and my bed, okay?” And as I got up from the floor and started upstairs, kinda shaking inside ‘cause I knew this was my first evening to become a Woman, Mommy said, “We’ll be up in just a minute.”
Of course I was the dutiful child – (gonna become a Woman!!!). I guessed Mommy was opening the door for me for something special, since she’d told me this was the first of the three nights for me to become a Woman. Holy cripes I was ready!!! I’d no sooner pulled down the coverlet on top than she came into the room, Daddy behind her. She said, “Honey, I want you to watch this. Daddy is going to do something he enjoys, and that I like to watch, too. He’s going to masturbate. It’s your first lesson in how to please a man. That’s important to a woman. If you learn this lesson well, we’ll go on to the second lesson tomorrow and you’ll learn even more about how to be a woman.”
I couldn’t speak, Diary. I didn’t really know what ‘masturbate’ meant, but I honestly wanted to learn …and since it was Daddy, even more so. We weren’t supposed to get Sex Ed until eighth grade. Mommy telling me this meant I absolutely HAD to watch. I wanted to, more than you can possibly know, dear Diary. Daddy came over to me beside the bed, put his hands on my shoulders and said, “You are my darling, you know. I love you. Do you really want to be a Woman?” I gulped and smelled his closeness, his cologne, the nearness of my favorite man in the whole wide world, and I think I was already all melty inside. “Oh yes, Daddy, whatever you say.” He gently directed me toward Mommy, sitting on the settee beside the bed. Mommy put her arm around me and she smelled so good, kissed the top of my head, and I laid my head in her lap to watch whatever happened next.