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Her Blindfold Ecstasy

2022-07-01 00:00:03

Her Blindfold Ecstasy

When you put on a blindfold before sex, things happen. Fear of the unknown is triggered. Your other senses, hearing, smell, touch and taste become very alert. Sheena discovered how extremely stimulating this can be for her….
Sheena is my beautiful neighbor girl. We had a long talk one night. We shared some weed on my back patio…..

Sheena leaned back on the lounge chair. She was so hot looking. She was wearing a tiny pink top, nice tits with no bra and tiny white shorts. She had her long brown hair pulled back in long curls down her back. She closed her eyes and began talking about some wild blindfold fantasy thing of hers…..

“When I was real young and talking to my girlfriend Traci, we got to talking about sex. Traci kept smiling and looking into space like she was keeping a secret to herself. Each time we talked about sex in any way, she did this. Finally one evening she talked about her little secret to me. Traci made me swear never to tell anyone about the story she was about to tell.

Her folks were gone for the evening and she took me down to her dad’s den. He had an old VCR player. She got in the closet and pulled out a hidden tape. She played it. It was titled: “My 4 some”. You could tell the camera was hidden in something. A guy put a blindfold on the woman and laid her on a bed. They were fully dressed in business clothes.
He lay with her and started feeling her tits. She put her arms around him and soon he had her skirt up, panties off. He went down and was licking her pussy. She played with his hair and was enjoying it all. He got up on the bed on his back and moved her on top of him on her back. He took out his cock and put it in her pussy. She rubbed her pussy as he slow fucked her. He got her blouse and bra up and was feeling her bare tits.
Then another guy came in. He walked up, took out his cock, mounted her and he put his cock in her pussy too. Two cocks in one pussy!

I was in total shock….. having never seen anything like this before.

This was my first time to feel really sexually excited. I had never really masturbated yet. I felt wet in my little pussy and It kinda itched inside. I felt my pussy contract inside, something inside it was moving. My little clit felt warm and good. I looked over at Traci, and she was rubbing her little pussy as she watched. I thought….what the hell, I want to do that too, so I did. We had on little nighties and tiny panties. My pussy was wet and so warm inside. I felt around inside. It felt exciting and my finger found spots where it gave me a good feeling.

The palm of my hand rubbed on my clit, and that made me jump a little, it almost felt ‘to’ good. I could only rub it a little at a time. My finger found my ’good’ spot, not even knowing what that was. I carefully massaged it…then more and more. This was taking my breath away, it felt so good. I looked at Traci and she had two fingers in her pussy and rubbing the same good spot area. I added a second finger to my pussy.
Our eyes were in a daze watching the video as we added rubbing our pussy’s to the thrill.

You could hear the woman moan as she squirmed with them both fucking her.

A third guy came in and kneeled beside her. He took out his cock and turned her head and started putting it in her mouth. She started licking his cock. She got it all wet and put in and out of her mouth.
You could hear her moan with his cock in her mouth, and he speeded up his thrusting. She was now squirming and moaning continuously. I’d never seen a woman enjoying such exciting pleasure.
I was now getting tingles in my pussy and felt hot like I had a fever. My little heart was pumping so hard, I had to take a big breath. I wanted to feel what she was feeling so bad. I was so young I thought guys in suits just didn’t do this kind of thing.
They all started cuming in her and in her mouth. She moaned an excited moan over and over and moved her hips all around as they kept cuming in her. You could see cum running out of her pussy and her mouth. End of tape.

Traci put the tape back and we went to her bedroom. Traci lay back on her bed rubbing her pussy. She said: “God I love that tape. Do you know who that woman was?“ I said no.
“My mom.“
I sat stunned. “She’d kill you if she knew you’d seen that!” I said. We both giggled.
“Listen to this.” She took out a small hand recorder and started playing it. It was the audio of that tape with all the moans from the video on it. Traci said: “I love to play this with my headphones. I put on my makeshift blindfold while I finger myself, it gives me great orgasms.

I was still in shock but so stimulated my little pussy throbbed. The pure pleasure that her mom was getting was the part that stuck in my mind. Seeing her body twist in pleasure and hearing her moan so beautiful made me want that too.
Someday….I thought, I want that to happen to me. She must get triple the feelings a woman normally feels when she has sex. That video stuck in my mind, even to this very day.
I wanted that audio tape recording. She let me borrow it. I had a player and headphones already. That night late, I put on the headphones but before I played it, I put a towel over my eyes and fingered my pussy a little first. Having just seen the video, my memory recalled it vividly. I started the audio tape. I turned it up. I was already wet but now my pussy started to tingle real good. Traci was right. I felt a powerful feeling building in my pussy.

The loud moans of the woman in the video started making my body tense up. I could hear her breathing and the men too. Panting for air and the men making pleasure sounds. I could hear the little clicking noises from the two dicks going in and out of her wet pussy. My body twitched and when the feeling peaked, my body shook all over, taking away my breath.

That audio tape made me have my first big orgasm. I caught my breath and realized I had some juice coming out from my pussy. I didn’t even know I could do such a thing. That felt good!
I was weak….but I felt a wonderful high. I lay there letting the feeling continue. I loved the warm wet feeling in my pussy. I let my fingers touch around and in my pussy. I wanted this to last forever.
I wondered how her mom felt after words. She sure looked content with skirt up, panties off, bra pushed up over her tits and cum on her pussy and mouth both.
I wanted to experience that feeling…..

I was so dazed and kinda weak. I could not have played that tape again if I wanted to. I fell asleep with my finger in my pussy, fantasizing that her mom in the video…… was me.

I’ll gotta tell you about how my sweet Doug added to my fantasy, he…..

About that time Doug came thru the gate looking for Sheena. Doug was cool and we shared some weed with him. He sat next to her and Sheena brought him up to date as to her story. She said: “He remembers all the details way better than me. You’re a good story teller, tell him Doug honey.”

He smiled and continued the story…..

”You remember Sheena, we started talking about sexual things we fantasized about. As we lay in bed you said there was one reoccurring fantasy you kept having. You said you never told me or anyone about it because you felt it was very extreme. You said you might tell me about it sometime. I assured you it would be kept very secret with me. I whispered to you: (“…if I knew what is was….maybe I could help make it happen..”)
You began to slowly smile…..your eyes closed, then you just thought a while.
We continued our night by starting to make each other hot for some good sex. You ended up on top of me and put my cock in your sweet wet pussy. As you slid back forth on my cock, you started talking. You were out of breath and your eyes closed. You said: “Your in my fantasy Doug, ……your wearing a suit and on top of me…”
You then rolled us over and ask me for one of your toys in the head board. You wanted the pink dick. You started giving it a blow job, but very excitedly. You played like it was cuming in your mouth and you were licking the cum.
We fucked like crazy and you moaned out a extra special climax and was very turned on.
You gasp for air and continued to fuck me hard. I shot a big cum in you and then you really moaned out and pulled me deep into your pussy.

Now you were desperate for air. I rolled us over on our sides to let you breath better. You held me real tight and squirmed your pussy feeling my cum in you. We lay there very spent and catching our breath.

You had to be thinking about that fantasy.

Well, now I knew it involved me, a blindfold on you and sucking on a dick cuming in your mouth. I wondered about this fantasy of yours….Was it a three some? Fully clothed …were you fantasizing about being attacked by two guys?….one fucking you and the other cuming in your mouth? I had to find out.

Over the next few weeks, I added little things in the fantasy to our good sex life. I bought a sleep mask blindfold. I would surprise you when we were fully clothed. I would carry you to our bed, put the blindfold on you, lift up your skirt, jerk down your panties and fuck you hard. You said you loved it and told me how really hot it was. Then next time, blindfold again and I got your panties down, took your pink toy and put it in your pussy, then stood next to the bed and let you suck on my dick. You always took control of your toy, moving it where you liked it in and out. With your other hand you would jack me, holding my dick in tight as I would cum so good in your mouth.

Now there were two pieces of your fantasy we were doing. This fueled you to want more of your fantasy, which of course, was my plan.

You slowly began to tell more of your fantasy.
One night we were watching porn on the computer and you stopped me and gasp. You were was sitting on my lap in your nightie. I was feeling your nice tits and you were feeling my rising boner between her legs. You said: “Stop!…right there!…go back…there!!!”
It was a redheaded girl on a couch. She was sitting on one guys lap naked with his dick in her pussy. He was feeling her big tits, but then a second guy walked up and put his dick in her too. She squirmed as the two dicks in her pussy got her to moaning real good. The camera shot moved to between all their legs and you see the two dicks both fucking her.

You took off your panties and started putting my dick in your pussy. You took over the computer mouse and backed the video up to the start. When the girl in the video took the first dick and put it in her pussy, you did the same with me. You did this several times. You then let the video progress. Just as the second guy was getting ready to put his second dick in her…you paused the video.
You got up and left the room. You came back with your two pink dick toys. You got back on my lap and put my dick back in your pussy. We began fucking some as you restarted the video.

You licked the one toy real good and then started putting it too in your pussy. You let the video run up to where the second guy put his dick in the girls pussy. Again the part where you could see both dicks in her pussy and the girl squirmed. You paused the video right there and leaned back on me. I felt your warm tits as you worked the toy in you. You were really excited and fucked back on me deeper while the wet toy joined in with my dick. You began moaning and really breathing hard. I let you go and do your thing as I enjoyed the good fucking and tit feeling.

You started licking the second toy and giving it a blow job. You started getting hyper doing all this and your whole body began to tremble. You then took my one hand and had me work the toy in your pussy. You put both your hands on the toy in your mouth and jacked it in your mouth. I felt you getting hotter and hotter as you began to climax. Your squirming and moaning was a real turn on for me and I had to cum. The minute I shot my big load in, you moaned your muffled moan. You quick switched toys and sucked on the one out of your pussy like it had just came in your mouth. I kept shooting and worked the toy in your pussy. Your whole body shook and you squirmed and moaned. You took over working the toy in your pussy and fast fucked it in you. Now the pussy toy was all slick and wet. You had your eyes closed. You felt two dicks in yourself and moaned out…”Oh yes...fuck me guys….fuck me!”
I shot over and over in you as you continued fucking your self with the toy. You hummed with pleasure while sucking on your other toy.
As I sat spent, you kept going for a long time. Moaning and working the toys over and over in your pussy.”
“He’s right, those kind of videos get me going. Tell him what you told me you thought later“…..
“Well….I figured now, blindfolded, while fully clothed, she wanted two dicks in her while a third was cuming in her mouth. I had figured it out…but….where to find two more guys that she liked that would do it.
I did some long thinking….hmmmm.
I came up with two guys who just might do it. I knew she already liked them. Her ex boyfriends brother Ray and her sister’s ex boyfriend Randy.
She had fucked both of them before she met me. Her ex boyfriend had taken off with her sister and now they lived together. In retaliation she fucked his brother and her sisters ex boyfriend.
Now it was time to do some talking with her and the two of them.

I got cozy with Sheena one night and told her what I figured out about her super secret fantasy.

She finally revealed it…

It wasn’t exactly what I thought….
It wasn’t like a made up fantasy, it was a longing to do something again that happened to her at her work about 3 years ago.
This event mimicked the video she saw as a young girl.
She said she worked in an office Being a very sexy girl and liked to flirt, got the attention of the 3 owners. She was working late one night, just her and the 3 owners. They shared a big private office in the very back. She went back there for something and they were all in there smoking weed. They offered her a hit and she took a light hit to satisfy them. It was super strong and they had a double bed in the corner. She sat on the bed flirting and talking with the three. They all had business suits on. One came over and sat beside her. He leaned back. That’s when she felt it……
He was placing a blindfold mask over her eyes.

She felt a little panic at first, but then a hot feeling of excitement in her stomach.
He laid back on the bed on his back. Soon she felt his hands pulling her back to lay beside him. The kissing and feeling began.

He lifted her up and put her on top of him on her back. He started feeling her tits and then her pussy. She was now hot and super turned on about what was happening. He pulled up her skirt and inched her panties down and off. He took out his dick and put it between her legs. She said she was stoned and just let him and reached down to feel his boner. She said it like the other two weren’t even there. He and her rubbed his dick on her pussy. She said she was very turned on as she had never done this before. It was just like that video she had watched when she was young.
He slipped his dick in her pussy and she adjusted so it went in rubbing right on her G spot. She felt the bed move. She felt someone starting to mount her. Oh my god….he was going to put his dick in her too!

They knew nothing of her fantasy. “Oh my god it was happening for real,
She was very wet and he slowly got it in. Then the two dick fucking began. It was tight at first, but then felt wonderful like nothing else she’d ever felt before. She could feel the two dicks sliding back and forth in her tight pussy. She moaned with the good feeling. Then she felt her head being turned. The third guy started rubbing his dick on her lips.

She opened her mouth and it slid in. This was triple any feeling she’d ever had. Her moaning was out of control. She took her hand and stroked the boner in her mouth. She knew she was going to climax a big one and wanted to feel the cum shoot in her mouth too. Now everybody was breathing hard along with their moans too. She felt the first guy strain and cum shooting in her pussy. This made her climax began as her pussy was being flooded with cum. Then the 2nd guy started cuming too, as cum started running out overflowing her pussy. Now all three of them squirmed and they shot cum in her as she climaxed. The 3rd guy let go with his cum blast, hitting the back of her mouth and flooding it too.
The moans, the feeling of her tits by many hands caused her to climax again and again. She remembered swallowing and moaning as her fingers felt the cum flow around her lips. She said she almost fainted her heart was pumping so fast. Cum was running down her pussy and between her legs as cum ran down her face and neck. She remembered the aroma of all that cum. She gasp for air along with them. She opened her mouth around his dick as he shot more of his cum in. This just fed her long climax more. Her whole body trembled and wouldn’t stop. It was her first mini gangbang and she loved it. Her fingers played with the cum around her lips and face. Her other hand played with cum between her legs. She slowly drifted out.

After a while she woke up to one guys laying a towel on her hand and leaving the room. She could barely move. Her pussy was so hot it tingled continuously.
Doug said she lay there exhausted from telling him the story, her eyes closed reliving the event in her mind.

I said: “Would you like to do that again with three guys you already like?”
I watched her began to smile. She said: “Oh my god…don’t even kid about that. That was a once in a lifetime thing. I was just lucky to have my fantasy fulfilled.” I paused and waited to let her think it over…. She began to rub her pussy. I heard her say quietly: (“What 3 guys?”)
It took about 3 weeks to arrange it.
During that time we had great sex. We turned out the light and both fantasized about her up and coming triple cum fest.

Sheena continued…..

“The waiting was torture. I never expected this to happen twice. I felt so lucky to have the video I saw as a young girl, come to life at work, of all places. I’ve had good sex with Ray and Randy in the past. Doug’s contact with them was perfect. We all had a little pre-meeting to plan it all out. It was really hot. I gave them a little preview blow job quickie in the bathroom. They both felt my tits and fingered my pussy. I wanted to make sure they showed up.

The night came and they escorted me to our bedroom. We all had on business suits. I had the jitters I was so excited. Neither Ray or Randy had a 4 some like this before, and they were real ready to do this. Doug turned and faced me. He put his arms around me, feeling my beating heart and trembling body. He kissed me slipping his tongue in my mouth. Then he whispered: (“….have a hot time, Sheena..”) and slowly pulled the blindfold down over my eyes.

As soon as Doug pulled down my blindfold, they decided to give me a little ‘extra’ for doing this. I felt 6 hands start feeling my body. I stood there feeling their suits. Kisses started everywhere, I felt faint I was so excited. I could only feel them.

Six hands went up my skirt and felt my pussy and butt. Down came my panties and fingers went in and on my wet pussy. Someone even massaged my butt hole. They all lifted up my blouse and bra and kissed, nibbled and sucked my tits. I was the luckiest, happiest girl in the world. My whole body trembled as they all carefully laid me down on the bed. My skirt went up and someone’s tongue started licking my pussy so wet and slick. Someone was sucking on my tits and I heard a zipper go down close to my head. I felt my body rise as they all must have lifted me up and on my back, placed me on top of somebody.

My body twitched uncontrollably as the guy under me unzipped and I felt a warm cock between my legs. I had to gasp for air. I had never been this sexually excited in my life. They had already exceeded any previous thrill I’d ever had. I reached down to feel the persons warm boner between my legs. My pussy was already wet. I jacked the boner. It was Randy, I think. He moved it around my slit and got it all wet and slippery. I helped him put it in my pussy. Oh my god…..it felt wonderful. I knew now it had to be Randy by the way his long dick hit bottom. I felt his arms come over me and under my blouse and bra. His big warm hands making my nipples tingle. I felt more hands on my stomach and pubic hair. I felt fingers in my mouth, getting my lips all wet. I felt a nice cock head on my wet lips. I licked it, getting it all wet for a slick sucking. I licked around it, just teasing it and feeling him jump.

Then I felt the bed move as someone was spreading my legs wide and started putting their cock in me. It was tight and we wiggled to get it wet and slick. A little at a time he inched it in. That was my Doug, I knew that feel of his thick cock. Oh god…that feels so wonderfully good and tight in me. My pussy was twitching by itself as they both started slow fucking me. The first orgasm rocked my brain and took away my breath. It had to be Ray’s cock inching in my mouth. I remembered his taste, so hot and slick in my mouth. Now all three started in fucking me, I moaned, not holding anything back. They moaned too with the good feeling they all were having. Sweet Doug kissed the side of my face as I sucked Ray cock. Both his and Randy’s hand felt my tits. I worked my hips with them.

I wanted us all to have the best cum of our lives. Both Ray’s and my one hand jacked him and he began to thrust deeper in my mouth. I managed to deep throat him. Our hands had nothing to hold now but I held his balls, and he held my head with both his hands. I started climaxing but it was a slow climb as I started to yell with Ray’s cock in my mouth. I felt Randy strain, moan and started shooting cum in my tight pussy. Doug immediately started shooting his cum next.

I felt the wonderful feeling of mega hot cum blasting in my pussy. I yelled out my shaking climax as Ray moaned and pushed his cock in all the way my throat. He let got with a big warm load of cum. I almost gagged he shot so much. Moaning, cuming, squirming and more cuming as I got filled up with cum. I could hear the cum sloshing in my pussy. Cum ran out my lips and down my chin as Ray kept pumping my mouth. My climax just kept jolting inside me and my mind was filled with a pleasure high. It felt like the room was spinning slowly. I swallowed some of Ray’s cum, but held some in my mouth to savor it. I let my tongue wallow in it, warm and slick“……
I loved watching her tell this story. She had closed her eyes and relived it. During the telling she got hot and rubbed her pussy and tits a little.

I said: “Damn!……that is one hot fucking story! Do you guys still get together and continue doing this?” She said out of breath: “Oh hell yes. I insist we always start in business suits, but as soon as my blindfold goes on….they may get me naked, they may switch places, or I end up sucking on two or even three cocks. They may fuck me from behind or whatever we want.”

Doug and her both stood up and felt each other. They whispered something and Doug waved and left.

Sheena came over and sat on my lap. Damn she was one hot sexy girl. She put her arms around my neck. Her nice full tits were close to my face now. She smelled wonderful.

She slowly put her legs up on me and now was laying on me. She moved her pussy around on my now erect boner. She started kissing my neck and face. Those tits of hers were now pressed against my chest. I could feel and hear her breathing increase. Her body was very warm on me. She rocked her pussy back and forth right on my boner and whispered:

(“…Ray can’t make it tonight…..do you own a business suit?”)